Rbs question

You can only roster 5 rbs in my league. I have Monty, A Jones, Murray on a bye. Leaving me with Kamara and D Johnson ( No I.R. spot ) so 1 starter. Do I drop Monty, Johnson or take a goose in my rb2 slot??

Totally depends on the rest of your team, your opponent this week, your record, and who you can pick up.

4-2-1. Fitzgerald bye shepherd bye. Starting Tate ( maybe), maclin ( maybe) funchess. ASJ and Gronk and Dak

Hi Justin. Just moved your question over to the waivers section. FootClan Support is for technical and forum problems (and things in that nature).

As for your question, it depends. Are there any solid RB options on the wire? If you’re looking at a back that will only get you 5 or so points, it might be better to take that goose egg and retain your teams value.

That being said, if you know the people in your league aren’t very active on the waiver wire, or you have an option you can pick up that isn’t too much of a downgrade from the piece you’re dropping, I’d do it.

Another alternative is to package together one of your RBs and ASJ (as long as this is a normal 1 TE league. And try to go get yourself a stud RB or maybe a reciever. Every league has at least one team struggling with RB and or TE positions. Hope this helped!