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RBs starts! For tonight!


Im starting james conner, idk about MCM I have other options like nick chubb and Joe Mixon. What should I do!!! Standard scoring


CMC? I would start him over Chubb


For sure over chubb, but with it being standard I think I like mixon. Pantehrs are on the road against steelers and may have to catch up and he will be missing out on those ppr points.


Honestly this looks like a simple issue start Conner, CMC & Mixon. Don’t get cute trying to squeeze Chubb in there


Wow those are good RBs to have. Ya I’d go Conner, CMC and flex Mixon. Chubb doesn’t belong in the consideration here.


I have the exact same 3 rbs as you and im not even thinking about not starting them. Half ppr


The only downgrade for CMC is the fact that this is a standard league, but I still think he’s in a better situation than Chubb this week.


Thanks for the help!!