RBs to Start

I recently took over a team in a keeper league. The team had good WRs but not a single worth wile RB. I went heavy on RBs as best I could but with 5 keepers it was still slim pickings. I’m trying to figure out which 2 of the below I should start. Any suggestions would be helpful:

Duke Johnson Jr.
Tevin Coleman
Kerryon Johnson
Rashaad Penny
Latavious Murray
Nick Chubb

Yikes, this is a tough one. For week 1 I would start Coleman and Johnson solely based on their potential workload vs. the other RBs…but I wouldn’t be happy about it lol. Hopefully your receivers are as good as you say!

I would take L. Murray for the goaline carries and I would take Coleman or Johnson for the 2nd. leaning towards Johnson