Rb's with bad matchups. Any concern?

Half ppr

who would you start 2 rb and a flex
Najee Harris, Monty, Carson, Mostert

Harris @Buf (obvious start)
Monty @Rams
Carson @ IND
vs the great matchup for Mostert @Det

Other flex options would be Deebo or possible R. Anderson if the trade goes through
starting Adams and Diontae at WR

SF may not throw a single pass in the second half, once they’re up 31-3, and Mostert is fully healthy and rested. There may not be a better time this year to start Mostert, so if you’re ever going to use him, now is that time. And of course Najee.

Normally I would say Carson and Harris, but Mostert is the shiny opportunity this week.

then Carson or Monty for the 3rd?

I agree I like Mostert for this week a lot and hes healthy

Oh, yeah, din’t see that you needed another, but yeah, from my comments it should be clear that Carson would be the next choice.

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Thought so but you didnt mention Monty so just wanted to make sure but thats how im leaning, @Rams seems like a huge ask

That and the fact that Monty really isn’t that good.

Yeah, he ran out the season for daBears at the end of the year and pumped up his fantasy stock, but through November last year he had like 535 yards rushing and 3 TDs.

Oh I know I had him last year. Couldnt trade him for the first half of the year and then he carried his weight and some at the end but that was largely unexpected and I dont wanna rely on something like that. Didnt love drafting him in general but he fell and rbs arent a bad pick

Wait and see and hope he surprises again but not expecting big rb1 numbers ever really

I like Monty, if for no other reason than the workload. Ya gotta hope that maybe those last six games were a sign of things to come from a productivity standpoint, but with the depth that you’ve got at the position, he’s the guy to sit this week.

Najee is an auto-start, Mostert should smash this week and I like Carson’s matchup a bit better. I think most weeks I’d look Montgomery over Mostert…just not this one.

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It helped that Cohen went on the PUP for 6 weeks. but Damien Williams wasn’t there last year, either–so there’s no guarantee of the same workload.

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That’s true, but I am more confident in him being in the 250-carry range than I am Mostert being in the 175-range.

I’d imagine Cohen and Mostert dig into Monty’s usage less than Sermon/injuries dig into Mostert’s.