Re Draft Advice for 2019

I’m currently in my leagues playoffs and the winner of the league gets a reward of being able to choose their draft position next season. Curious as to the thoughts on which spots y’all think would be best? Late round so you get two quick picks back to back? Early pick to almost guarantee a star RB?
12 team full ppr league

Thanks in advance

In this day and age, those who own todd gurley reign supreme.

Get pick #1, get Todd, and sit back and sip tea while your opponents crumble before you

Got Todd this year in one of my leagues, ended drafting a beauty of a team and trading some pieces to make the strongest team I’ve ever had in fantasy.

Do you think there’s any benefit from possibly draft from the back of the draft? Especially in bigger leagues, 12-14 teams, drafting in the back and getting two really solid players? Grante, none of them would be Gurley

Is there a strategic element to it? Sure! if you know what your doing you should be able to craft a decent team.

Now this is just an example from my league, not the norm as you have to take skill and knowledge into account (he’s mediocre to below average at best in that sense) but same guy in my league has picked last both last year and this year. Last year he lost our league, ending with 1-2 wins, and this year he’s in second to last currently with a record of 4-9.

It probably depends on the rest of your draft too. The #1 pick in both of my leagues I’m in, one went 3-10, the other one went 7-6 so it probably just depends on moves you make and don’t make throughout the year. I’m probably over thinking it too much

I drafted last this year (12 team) and got Melvin and Thomas

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Personally in 12 team I like middle of the pack around 6. Just because you don’t wait to long to draft again and you get more top players. Drafting #1 and then waiting 22 picks is tough

I’d go #1 and Gurley. Next year there will be a surplus of RBs compared to this year, which means very good WRs will drop further to you.
Although I drafted 10th in a 10 man league this year and went 9-4 and #2 playoff seed (took Saquon & K. Hunt), I definately want a high pick next year.