Reach for Gronk?

I have the 7th pick in a 10-team, standard league. Im targeting Gordon and could get Gronk in the second. Is that too early or should I go Tier 2 WR with Julio/Thomas/Freeman?

I’ve been struggling with what to do with Gronk in the late 2nd round with a 12-team league. In your 10-team, I don’t think I reach for him in the 2nd. I think I even try to stretch him to the 4th round. Doubt he makes it back, but I think those first three round studs in a 10 team is worth waiting. MAYBE in the 3rd…but definitely not in the 2nd.

I agree with that. Doubt he’ll be there in the late 3rd in this league. Im fine with any TE1 though.