Reach for Kerryon?

Ended up at the 1.11 for this year’s draft…(seem to be in this position year after year no matter what kind of draft order randomizing I do lol)

Kerryon is currently being drafted in the 3rd round, could be higher by the time I draft in week 3 of pre-season. At the turn, current possible picks that I have a realistic chance of picking up is Connor/Mixon/Gurley/Thomas/OBJ/Julio

I know FOR A FACT that Kerryon will not make it back to me on the 3rd round because a league mate is likely to pick him up before he comes back.
In this case, do I make the reach for Kerryon on the 2.02 and pass on the top end WRs?

Whenever you are drafting in the last three to four spots of a 12 team league I always lean toward the 1RB and 1WR move. I would much rather have:

Mixon, Thomas, Diggs/Henry (projected to be around 35)


Mixon, Kerryon, Diggs/Woods (would go WR for your 3rd pick if you went RB+RB first two)

Also, I like going RB/WR for your first two picks because on your 3rd pick you are still able to take your preference on positions. If you go WRWR or RBRB your first two picks you are almost forced to draft the other position back to back rounds 3 and 4.

Is this a money league or free? If its a money league I think passing on Kerryon and hoping for a mixon and any of those WR would be your best bet. If its free go get your guy. Take one of those WR with your first and grab Kerryon with the 2.02

Start of the second is just too high for him. Considering the RB committee philosophy in Detroit, I don’t see him getting the volume to make him good value there. His ability isn’t in question, only opportunity. Even Jason has him as the 10th ranked RB for this reason.

Money league, high stakes (Champ gets $1000)
At that position, there are so many other players that have more value so I know it’s overpaying for Kerryon. Needed that affirmation to bring me back to reality lol

Yea, the more I looked into it and thought of it I am realizing that it’s just too high.

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No… because if you do that, you’re drafting a player at beyond the ceiling and take on all the risk of downside. It’s foolish. Don’t reach for positional needs unless its QB and SF. Go Zero RB when drafting at turn, it’s just the way better approach and there’s plenty of good options in the late single / double digit rounds this year to build a fantastic squad. Especially with all this hold out nonsense.