Reach for QB and RB stack

I have the fourth pick in a 12 team league half ppr. I’ll probably end up with kamara or zeke. I generally don’t like to go QB too early. But do you think it’s worth a 5th, 6th or 7th round pick to pick up brees. Probably cost me a 3rd or 4th for dak. For the running back stack. Most Likely and better match for me is kamara/brees. Or is not worth it at all? What do you guys think? Thanks footclan

Weekly Drafting/DFS, yes stack all day.
In Regular leagues the value of stacking is not as prominent. Don’t worry as much about who you need to stack with as much as who you should draft because there an awesome value at that moment.

----> I like to draft QB’s last. you can go as late as 9 or 10 and get a Stafford (Or Daniel Jones if you believe in him, he has been looking good in camp). Good to note occasionally I have seen Bree’s dip as late as 10 here and there. In the last draft I did he went 10.12

Lots of good Receivers to take in the 5-7 or a back up RB/Early TE snag