Ready to leave my Work League

Last year we had a 10 team PPR…league got popular so now it looks like next year it will be 14 teams, but he wants to change it back to standard scoring because he doesn’t like PPR.

14 Team Standard Scoring feels more like a punishment than a game

What y’all think?

My initial argument against changing to non-PPR is that it makes less players relevant. Or rather, by playing in PPR or half-PPR, more players become relevant - which seems required if you are growing from a 10 to a 14 team league.

Is half-PPR a compromise?

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I’d be fine for Half PPR for 10, but with 14 i think will be a pain in the ass…

and to make this more like a tv show, one of the new “players” is the company’s CFO who told me that he really only watches College…SMH