Ready to play Doug Martin?

The guys keep talking about being slightly nervous playing Doug Martin on a 4 day prep period. How does everyone else feel about that? I’m wondering for myself in my Full PPR league. Should I give Martin the chance, or should I let Zeke and Melvin do their thing and let one of my WR’s flex? Thanks!

Depends who the wr flex is. Those two rbs are solid

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Im probably going ti start him, but I’d prefer to wait a week if I could.

Keenan’s a gonna get targets so will tyreke but tough matchups. Your lineup is stacked btw

Thank you. We’re a small 10 team but I used the tip of waiting til round 12 to get Z. Ertz. Biggest payout so far. Also able to scoop Zeke in 2nd pick of round 4. Still hanging on edge waiting for judgement.

Very impressive team indeed. I would go Keenan Allen for this week, I’m torn between starting doug martin and joe mixon and I think I’ll end up going joemix.

I’m flexing Martin this week (out of the flex position obviously since Thursday)

If I had your line up I would start Allen. I’m probably starting martin because of Monty injury and Freeman bye week but I would be preferred for him to wait a week especially on a short week. I’m sure he’ll be ok but could be a lot better given a bit longer I reckon.

For what it’s worth, I’m not sure Martin could ask for a better first matchup

I’d stick with who you have plugged in and see what Martin does this week.

How does everyone feel about Diggs with no Dalvin Cook or Sam Bradford? Still worth WR1? Thanks again guys! I appreciate your input on D. Martin!

to me it downgrades Diggs to a WR2 but as a vikings fan he’s a freak and he’ll still get points. His upside just goes from 25 to like 16 and i’m still playing him in every league I got.

As perspective last year, when they had a worse o-line and arguably no RB’s he was still 15ppw until injury.

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I actually have the same issue. I don’t know if I trust Gordon this week, but I’ll watch it closely. If I’m not certain. I have no problem playing Martin.

I want say Keenan , however; I believe he will be shadowed by the jack rabbit…you are strong enough with the other starters…swing for the fences with Doug vs. The worst defense in the league.

I’m flexing him in my league in the RB2 since he’s a Thursday game. I don’t think he will have any trouble finding his rhythm against a terrible pats defense.