Ready to trade Najee Harris?

Someone just came to me offering Thielen/Mike WIlliams and Gaskin for Najee. If they do Thielen do i have to do it? Seems like a lot of value but am not sure if really would help my team with who i already have.

My team:
Ekeler, Najee, David Montgomery, Tony Jr, Gainwell, Singletary
Evans, Deebo, Corey D, Pittman, Mooney
Mark Andrews

First week against a tough D. This week is the week. LV with one DL down already. I’d hold course.


I’d stay the course for now. You have good balance and depth at RB.

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I din’t really like it in isolation, but looking at your team, Theilen and Williams would instantly become your WR1 and WR2, so in that sense, I kind of like it for you.

Yes, Najee will probly get better, but as you said, you’re getting a lot of known value back for a handful of hope, at this point.

I wouldn’t blame you if you accepted it.


It was just choice between the two WRs sadly! Part of me thinks if Gaskin has 80-90% of last season could work out for me right?

Oh, well never mind then.