Reagor for Derek Carr 2QB SF

I am in winning mode, 2nd year Dynasty league. 2QB superflex, with .5 ppr RB, 1 ppr WR, 1.5 ppr TE.

I am looking to trade players to win now. I need a QB. My current QB situation is Russell Wilson, Tyrod Taylor, Alex Smith, Jacoby Brissett, Stidham, and Finley.

I was offered Derek Carr for Jalen Reagor. I feel like this is a smash accept, but I feel like there are so many questions around Carr and his future, i would hate to give up Reagor.

My team is pretty deep in WR: Amari Cooper, Robert Woods, Ju-Ju Smith Schuster, Davante Parker, Allen Lazard, Russel Gage, Greg Ward, Josh Reynolds, Mecole Hardman, Jalen Reagor, and Tyler Johnson.

However, I am pretty high on Reagor, and i’m considering just putting all my FAAB on Jeff Driscoll?

Thoughts on trade?