REAL football predictions

Hey guys- I know this isn’t a “football forum” per say, but most of us watch a lot of football and i would be interested to hear what you guys think. Who do you guys think wins the AFC? NFC? Superbowl??

steelers win


I think it’s gonna be rams/saints in a close NFC champ game. I think aqib talib coming back will be a big boost to the rams D. I think if he’s 100% they put him on Michael Thomas since he’s a much bigger body than Peters. That w/ the rams D line gives them a good chance at a Super Bowl run. I think the NFC winner takes it.

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I personally think Chiefs vs Saints, and in the highest scoring Superbowl ever the Saints win by 3

On the AFC side, I think it comes down to the Pats/chiefs and I think the Pats will take it especially if gronk can stay healthy.

I think chargers would’ve at least been in discussion w/ bosa being back and getting to 100% if Gordon didn’t have that injury.


I would put some money down on it being Chiefs/Pats vs Saints/Rams for the conference championships. Think those 4 have separated themselves

The Chargers are a solid team, but play Pitt and KC in the coming weeks. Those will be hard w/o Gordon

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I would have said Rams-Patriots at start of season.

I was leaning Saints-Chargers until news of Gordon getting hurt and missing time and that could still happen because the Chargers are that talented of a group.

Reid almost always falls short of the Super Bowl even with some great teams, but the Mahomes factor is interesting.

The Steelers are hit/miss right now.

I almost have to go Saints-Patriots based on the above. I just can’t dismiss their ‘old age and treachery’ until they actually aren’t able to do it.

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I think the Saints have looked phenomenal. But if KC has home field advantage, I think itll be interesting to see if Tom Brady can show up there. He looked a little off to me this week, granted he was playing the Jets. Good insight. I would have agreed with your start of season prediction

NFC will come down to Saints vs Rams and whoever secures homefield will take that. Right now, edge goes to saints given they won the H2H.

AFC will come down to Patriots and a toss up between Chargers and Chiefs. Whichever team can get out of their own way. Andy Reid is historically tragic in terms of clock management and situational football which is all that the playoffs comes down to. Need to look no further than last year where they blew double digit lead at home vs a historically bad Titans offense. All he knows how to do is score. Doesn’t know how to protect a lead or call plays for long systematic drives to provide defense rest and keep opposing offenses off the field. And as good as mahomes is, it’s hard to overcome poor coaching and god awful defenses in crunch time. Just look at Rodgers for the past decade. And Mahomes has also looked mortal in the past few weeks. He is putting up great numbers but is missing throws and making poor decision in crucial situations which will definitely bite them in the playoffs. And a couple of teams have shown the blue print of how to get to him (broncos, pats and rams). You just have to risk playing man and blitzing him and hope the rush gets their in time. As for chargers, they’re constantly injury plagued and honestly not well led either.

As a pats fan, I am hoping its a Brees vs Brady duel for the SB and think that might just be the most likely outcome anyway.


I’m pulling for Chargers. I would really like to see Rivers at least play in one SB before he retires. He went to HS about 45 minutes from where I grew up and has put a lot back into his HS/community. They have a new campus and new football field thanks to him.

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Would like to but not sure if I see it happening. As good as rivers is, that team is just cursed lol.

Their best shot was in the LT years but my pats took them down in the huge upset that year.

Until they get a really good coach and stop lift the injury bug, not sure how they get there. And lynn ain’t it.

Yeah that’s why I said pulling for them, but I am almost always pulling for 'anyone but Patriots/Steelers because they have appeared in it so many times over the past 15 years or so. I am always glad to see a different team come out of the AFC. That’s what I both like and hate about the Patriots. They always ‘get right’ by the playoffs no matter how bad they look early on or who gets hurt. I can respect that.

An injury almost always derails the Chargers every year it seems like. You are right about that.

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I agree with you there bud.

For NFC, as mentioned a hundred times before, it’s going to come down to saints and rams. I give the edge to the saints here not because of the H2H win they already have, but simply experience.

Mcvay and Goff are both electric in their own ways, and i think they have incredibly bright futures ahead of them, but i think they both need some playoff experience before we start saying that they are superbowl contenders.

Brees and Payton on the other hand have been there before, have one of if not the best team they’ve had in their time together, some incredible weapons, and Brees isn’t showing his age at all.

For the AFC, like @psychosem17 said i actually think it’ll be between the Chargers and Pats. Now i’m a Pats fan here so take what i say with a grain of salt, but the world is not crashing down on Tom like the media is trying to portray. It’s true he’s had to resort to more game-managing than the big play potential people are used to, but in Bill’s system it just works.

The Chargers have had several good teams in recent years, but i think there biggest flaw was always coaching. Mccoy was terrible and most certainly cost them playoff success. Rivers has been playing excellent this year and with the return of Bosa, they should have a D that can perform up to the level that their offense has.

The Chiefs however, like @MikeMeUpp mentioned, has to deal with Reid’s poor playoff coaching along with Mahomes inexperience. Now don’t get me wrong, i’m not dumb, i realize that Mahomes has been putting video game numbers week after week, but it will be interesting to see how he deals in the high-pressure situation that the playoffs are, especially with this being his rookie season. His age will show in the playoffs (i hope for the Pats sake lol)

Injuries are the one thing that will cost the Rams I think. Mostly on defense, but Kupp hurts what McVay does a lot. I think Reynolds is more than capable as a fill in though. Some of the guys they are playing on the back end on defense right now aren’t close to who they are replacing however.

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dang no respect for the burg

Injuries will def hurt the rams. Also Marcus Peters playing like a replacement level CB doesn’t help.

I think the drop off from Kupp to Reynolds is MASSIVE. People don’t realize how big of a drop off it is. Not only in terms of route running and receiving but primarily when it comes to blocking.

Cooper Kupp is THE BEST BLOCKING WR IN THE LEAGUE and has been since he joined last year. If you go back and watch the film, you routinely see McVay lining him up 1v1 vs linebackers and defensive ends in run plays/screens and Kupp holds his own which is absolutely absurd. I have no idea how he does it. Dude must have an iron grip and strongest legs/core of anyone his size. Reynolds is incapable of doing that which means that it will have huge negative impact on the rams running game. Reynolds can catch and is decent in Redzone and all, although not as good as Kupp still, but that is where the Rams will miss Kupp the most. Stuff like that doesn’t show up on a stat sheet but it is incredibly important in terms of winning games.

Good point on the blocking. In a fantasy obsessed landscape we don’t often consider that.

He also has built a massive rapport with Goff over several off seasons, even as a rookie. Goff trusts that guy and he’s not there.

Yeah trust is a big thing too. When push comes to shove, goff goes to kupp as his safety blanket. I’d say woods has developed a similar rapport too but he also benefited from Kupp being there. But like i said, the biggest loss they are going to feel the impact on is on the run blocking. McVay is going to have to redesign their run blocking schemes without Kupp there. Going to have to double team guys instead of using single blocks.