Real life trade not fantasy

Anyone hearing anything for Detroit to trade for a back other than Drake. Hearing some rumbling of Joe Mixon which could be a huge upgrade over Ty Johnson. This trade deadline might actually have some real impact on the fantasy world

Cincy fan. I doubt they would trade mixon. Drake is in the last year if his contract I believe. Kerryon will be back next year and mixon is a starter. That be a tough timeshare to have in Detroit next year if they went for someone like that. I only see the bengals moving green, eifert, maybe dunlap or Atkins

I think we might be glad to move on from kerryon after two straight injury filled seasons. But your probably the guy to know on if mixon is even on the trade block for them.

I’m not certain but it would be probably the worst person in the team to trade away. If cincy has a line that was decent he’d probably be up near top 5 in rushing.

Yeah but arent they pretty much full rebuild now. Like probably moving on from Dalton in the draft and shipping out aj and others.
Lol doesnt a lions 3rd round pick sound great haha yeah right