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Reality Sports Online

Hey Footclan,

I am jumping into Salary Cap pool this year by starting a Dynasty League on RSO. I am curious if any fellow Footclan  members have had any experience with the site and can share some insight on it vs MFL.



I have used both and I think they each have some benefits and draw backs.

The biggest benefit for RSO is that the contract system takes care of itself and the auction works well taking into account varying contract lengths. Another benefit is that I have found the customer service to be responsive to the point that they offered to make an already planned change a priority if not doing so meant that my league would not resign.

The downside is there is currently a lack of customization. The Salary Cap is the same as the NFL, you can’t choose one specific to your league. The guaranteed money is the based on their contract algorithm so you can’t change it. The scoring is rudimentary by MFL standards, but they have communicated to me that they are looking into expanding scoring options.

The benefits of MFL are in its customization. You can pretty much implement any scoring idea you want. As commissioner you can easily change things if a problem arises. Ultimately, you are only limited by your imagination. Another thing I liked was you could have long auctions and drafts via the website. I also liked the auction I set up on MFL more than RSO. There was no limit on the number of players nominated for the auction. All players were being bid on simultaneously in an eBay style auction. You’d set the maximum value for a player and if no one outbid you for 24 hours you got the player. If they did, you could move on or bid a higher amount. This way, if you were outbid on a player you could try for others at the position and the market set itself in real time like it would in real life.

The downside of MFL is that the ability to customize means that there isn’t a lot of automation for things like a dynasty league. When I had an MFL League, we would have an auction for players and then after the fact, the contract lengths would be set via email. (Owners had a set number of each contract length and they assigned them to players.) I also determined the franchise and extension amounts for each player and an owner would make their selections by email.

Ultimately, MFL was a lot of work for me and I would have been happy to do it, but we were having too much owner turnover. I was having to clear contracts and reset rosters and find new owners. With RSO, if an owner leaves, it is easier to replace them because people go to RSO to play in a specific type of league and they will apply for open spots.