Really need some advice here

So I lost Zeke but have Alf Morris. I’m trying to decide if I should keep my run going for this year, or just plan for next year. Guy in first place wants Lev Bell from me which would ultimately end my season. Should I do this trade or do you think I’m good enough still to maybe make it to week 16 and get Zeke back and win it? Thanks.

I give:
Lev Bell

I get:
2018 3rd Round Pick
2018 4th Round Pick
2018 5th Round Pick
Chris Thompson (Eligible to keep for my last pick although I probably wouldnt)

Im in 4th and should be a lock for the playoffs since my last three weeks are against pretty weak opponents. Should I ride this team out and see if I can still win, or pack it up and start planning for next season?

Your team is super solid. I wouldn’t hold out for zeke against the Seahawks week 16 but if you’re lucky you will get him back in week 14. Either way you have a great chance to go all the way right now. Take it home!

I would go for the title with that team. Keep bell and make a run

Even without Zeke your team is solid. You have a good chance at the championship still. Play for this season. Even then, if I were giving up Bell, I would want a 1st round pick plus some, not just a bunch of middle round picks.

Thanks @Romophobic_Dezaster @Squiddles55 and @swissarmyaccountant for the responses. Think I’ll just ride this team out and see how it goes.