Really need some trade advice. Scared trader

.5 ppr

I was offered Sammy Wakins and Ito Smith for Ty Hilton.

My team is
RB. DJ, Buck Allen, D. Lewis, Mostert
WR. Diggs, J. Brown, Hilton, Kupp, Lockett, Ķirk

My thought is I could uses Ito Smith but Sammy Wakins isnt a sole target like Hilton.

Thoughts, could really use the help from the footclan.

Not worth it. You are giving a way too much

I would not do this trade. You should get back an every week RB starter for Hilton at least. Sammy is fantasy garbage.


I agree with both above, TY is more valuable than Ito and Watkins. Trading a WR1, better get a RB2 at least and Smith is just a FLEX option at best while Watkins is boom/bust WR3 material these days.

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Yep - TY is a WR1 and is a ball magnet to Luck. You should be asking for a RB1 and WR2 to trade away TY

Thank you all that is what i thought.