Really? really?

LOL…well…looks like I’ll be sending a “CONGRATS” email shortly. Picked up DEN DST a few weeks ago…JUST FOR TONIGHT!!! LOL…YEAH…LOOKS LIKE THAT REALLY PAID OFF HUH???

Oh well…at least made it to our League’s SB!!! Can’t complain too much I reckon.


Haha yeah super stupid.

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I started them too. They helped me a couple time during this stretch but tonight wasn’t pretty. Oakland seems to show up at home a little more and this maybe being their last game there I sort of get it.

I’m looking at NOLA for next week def.

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Can’t believe OAK may be in London next year!!! COME ON NFL!!! REALLY??? NFL is a USA sport!!! And any from London here…PLEASE DON’T TAKE THIS WRONG…but…REALLY??? SMH…what has NFL come to???

And…just to elaborate on this just a bit further…as I mentioned above…I know there might be and probably are some here from the other side of the BIG POND, so I truly hope nobody took offense by my previous statement. I actually was one that didn’t mind too terribly when the NFL started to play a game or two in London a few years back.

Thought it was a really decent gesture to enable those in London that truly enjoy NFL to get a chance to see a live game or two!!!

BUT…to actually move an American NFL team to another country as their “home” base/field. Just doesn’t seem right and kinda seems to take away from the gist of what the NFL is, stands for and HAS been since it’s creation back in the early early 1900’s. Just doesn’t seem right!!!

Again…truly meant no offense to anyone that may be part of the CLAN here that is actually an overseas resident!!! Hope you can understand where I’m coming from here :slightly_smiling_face: