Really start cohen over howard?

Im really goin back and forth on this one its a full ppr originally i was thinking def cohen this week then when u go back and look how teams actually beat the pats this year it’s with a successful ground game but cohen still does seem like the better play the start sit tool says howard but they all said cohen over howard in the podcast today so im really not sure what i wanna do

Pats fan here… I’d start Cohen. Only Kerryon went over 100 yards on the ground against the pats (Lamar Miller had 98 in week one) but it’s been speedy pass catching backs that have put up the points (last week Hunt had a lot of his work through the air, including his long TD).

Pats LB’s struggle in coverage, and with Burton likely causing some havoc in the secondary (because the Pats defense can’t freaking cover TE’s) there’s going to be some room for Cohen to work in the middle of the field.

That was my original thought and my friend thats a pats fan is the one who got me thinkin nah howard is the better play but i may be trading cohen here for njoku cus my current tight end is uzomah and i have other rb2/flex rbs

Don’t forget, the Pats are scoring at a pretty good clip. The two games they gave up yards on the ground was week 1 against a Houston team with D Watson coming back from a lengthy injury, and against the Lions who smashed the Pats up and down the field and played with a lead from the get go.

If the Pats score some points, you won’t see much Howard.