Really want to play Doug Martin but

I have Martin/gillislee/hyde/Demarco

I was thinking of putting him in over Demarco, but every time I bench Demarco he goes off. If there’s no Mariota makes me nervous though

Is it a 2 RB league or do you just have 3 really good WRs? I mean personally I sold Demarco because he’s hot garbage so far this year but if I didn’t have 3 stud WR’s i’d be playing hyde, demarco, and martin.

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so you benched him 1 time? He is not doing anything! If mariota is out they will stack the box and DARE that bum replacement to throw the ball.


It’s 2rb 3 wr and flex

I have Michael Thomas on bye this week.
I have AB, Keenan Allen, tyreke Hill.
I have tyrell Williams on the bench but I’m probably gonna start 3 rbs this week. So right now I’m starting Martin and gillislee over Murray you all think?

I’d probably go Marin over DeMarco

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I do have latavius Murray and Smallwood too, but I wasn’t really considering either of them.

Yes I’d go AB, Allen, Hill with Martin, and hyde/gillislee

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