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Really wish I could access premium options


Joined the $10 option over an hour ago. Still no access to premium section nor can I reply to all forums but this one. Already emailed for help.


I joined it like 10 minutes ago man and I have access. Have you linked your Patreon?


About 2 dozen times


Sometimes it can take a bit of time. Their support is pretty quick.


I hope so. Already missed out on a league I was interested in.


What I don’t get is how can the front page know I’m a $10.00 supporter, my account knows I’m a supporter, but the rest of the site doesn’t?


When you say the front page, what do you mean? Where do you see that?


The main login/account page.


I guess they are one and the same. This is the page I go to to login.


So was reading comments on the patreon page and found a post from the footballers stating it takes 24 hours after joining to access??? Wish I read that somewhere on the site.