REALLY? Your opinion?

10 team half ppr redraft . Just had draft and was told that someone offered … jimmy graham for fournette & godwin … the packers homer offering his number 1 pick?? Opinions ??

Well dang…I hope the Fournette / Godwin owner didn’t take that offer…

I really thought that was the other way around! A first round running back and a potential sleeper. For a sixth maybe seventh round tight end.?

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Just reread that you did see it that way lol !! The fournette owner was the one try to make the trade .

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Find knowledgeable people to get into leagues with next year lol


Hahaha.! Rite !

Oh…sheesh. It’s nutty either way. But my GOD if I owned Jimmy Graham and someone came at me with Fournette for him, well…what could I say?