Reasonable to roster 3 TE?

So my three TEs are gronk, engram and I picked Olsen. Deep league and full point PPR. None are droppable talents, which should I trade and who to trade for? Have wentz at QB, cooks, theilen, Crabtree, woods, Davis at WR and l.murray, duke Johnson, Mixon, powell, and Kelley at RB. Gonna drop Kelley for hopefully wood head, j. Williams, burkehead, or Perine. Any advice for moves would be appreciated

I’d say try trading Gronk since he will bring the most value. You can trade Engram too if you prefer Gronk only thing is his injury risk. I’d trade for a good RB

Threw out a trade with gronk and Davis for hunt, have to see what happens

I was in the same boat having Engram and Olsen and traded Gronk for Melvin Gordon before this past weekend. I tried for some other backs like Kamara and McCoy but no takers. I am still happy with the trade but we’ll see. I gambled on Gronk getting hurt late in the season and then having no value. Gordon has some injury risk too but I guess this is what makes fantasy fun. Gronk is the holy grail for some owners so you may get a great player for him with lower risk. I would shoot for Kamara or Ingram or Hunt.

I’d try Engram first if they bite, Gronk is injury prone but Olsen will be back so you could swap them out. If that doesn’t work, then I’d trade out Gronk for some RB depth.