Reasonable trade or should of been vetted?

A trade was made in my league from the First position to to the last position team (both are brothers) 14 team league

Baker mayfield and Odell Beckham for Kareem Hunt and Matt Breida

Team 1 (1-4) Team 2 (4-0)
J. Goff D. Watson
L. McCoy C. Hyde
J. Howard P. Barber
G. Tate (nyg) J. Gordon
J. Landry M. Evans
J. Graham A. Hooper
A. Peterson M. Breida
M.Crosby R.Gould
Cowboys Patriots
O. Beckham K. Hunt
B. Mayfield J. Jacobs
D. Sproles Antonio Brown
AJ Brown P. Dorsett
Diontae Johnson T. Ginn
Eagles D. Thomas

No veto unless you can prove collusion. Trade seems fine

The way the browns have been performing I mean it’s not awful. I can see where you are coming from but it seems kind of even to me. The whole layout of the post was hard to follow but I don’t think it’s to bad

Seems like a relatively fair trade certainly no veto unless collusion occured