Reasonable trade?

Send Lynch, Robby, and B Marshall
Receive Jordan Howard and Lockett

id do that in a heartbeat regardless of format… I love Howard this season.


Just realized there’s a 24 hour delay before trades are transacted in my league. Damn.

Gotta wait until next week.

I’d do that trade as well

Why would the person on the other end of this trade take it?

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Take that immediately, that is an absolute steal for you riding on the back of the Baldwin injury. You get the better WR and RB. Trading those players on a high is monstrous.

Only reason I could think is they are a tilted Jets fan… lol oh Robby and B Marsh ??? know your league I suppose ha


so this is lopsided trade then?

I was trying to send him the extra WR because all his bench WRs are either suspended, out or questionable. I was hoping would bite on getting extra receiver in Robby, with almost an even swap between BMarsh and Lockett.

He’s starting Garcon and Lockett, and flexing Derrick Henry.

sounds like he pooped his big boy pants at the draft… let me guess he took a second round QB? lol