Reasons to Dump Kickers and DST

Hey Ballers,

I’m soon making my case to get rid of Kickers and DST in my keeper league. In general, what do you feel are the best reasons for do so? Anyone hugely in favor of keeping them (or one of?). Thanks for any input!

The main reason I am against kickers in fantasy is the fact that a team can lose a matchup because their opponents kickers team can suck so they kick 3 field goals and the other teams kicker can make 3 PATs. I just don’t like the fact you can lose a matchup over your kicker when they only kick PATs and the other team settled for field goals. It’s like rewarding mediocrity.

However, I am all for keeping DST in fantasy. I mean you’re talking about the whole other half of the game! Plus DST can score touchdowns so you can’t remove that IMO.