Rebalance Dynasty League

What is the best way to rebalance a dynasty league after teams quit?

We had (2) teams quit. One team is a dumpster fire that would be impossible to find someone to pick up. We decided to take the league down from 12 to 10 teams.

According to Fantasy Pros the top 10 players from the dead rosters are:
AJ Green, Devonta Freeman, TY Hilton, Robert Woods, Alex Collins, Larry Fitzgerald, Marlon Mack, Greg Olsen, Kelvin Benjamin, Isaiah Crowell. Just like the rookie draft the value is incredibly top heavy.

To take care of the dead rosters we have discussed 1) a randomized supplemental draft and 2) combining the dead rosters with the rookie draft.

I think a combined draft would be better as it would guarantee almost every team gets an useful player. (2) separate drafts seems like some teams could get hosed.

How should we deal with adding the dead rosters back to the league?

Have you already done the rookie draft?

No rookie draft yet.

I would include those players in the rookie draft.