Rebuild a orphan

How should u approach a rebuild in a super flex dynasty league

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So many questions to ask!

Depends on league size, roster size, starting line up, scoring, etc. But I will try to take a stab at it.

Build the best QB core you can at the moment. Try to lock down at least one who is young and should be the guy for a while. Dak is a great target and you might leverage a depressed Watson owner if your offers are sweet enough.

That is the goal and I would absolutely sacrifice talent at other positions to get them. You can always back fill in the WR/RB/TE position. Once you have QB in check, get the best young WR core you can muster. If it is also TE premium, try to get a good back end TE1, or a couple guys with upside which is where I’d probably go.

Save RB for the last. They are typically over-priced for trade and if the rest of your team is in rebuild mode, you will not likely see value in them by the time your team turns the corner.

The draft will be your friend. Grab as many 2021 1st and 2nds you can pry from owners. Also, while this is tough for people to do, tank under the right circumstances. If you are giving up quality assets to get the pieces above, this might be easy to just do.

MAKE SURE you have your own 2021 1st. If so, tank. It will suck for this year but you can jump start a team with a single good draft. If you thought 2020 was good, 2021 looks to be a repeat if not a bit stronger in the high end talent. That’s where all the 2021 1st will pay off.

Now, all that said, your team might not be that bad. If so, work with what you have and make sure you get 2 solid QB and a competent (top 24) back up. If you can get that, everything else starts to sort itself out.

How does your roster look? Was this a last place team that lost the owner? Do you still have the 2021 rookie draft to get through? What are your future picks at the moment?

These are just my thoughts, but I hope something in there helps!

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