Rebuild for dienasty?

Hey guys I’m just about out of the playoffs. I was thinking of selling cook. The offer was David Montgomery, keal Harry, the 1.01 2020, and 3.01 2020. Am I crazy for not taking that? Also it’s a 10 man .5ppr league with 2flex, wr, and RB slots

Well I’m not in a dynasty league, but what re the chances Montgomery does anything in the future? We have yet to see Harry play and no idea what happens without Brady… Then you have your picks. Well would you use that 1st pick on one of the top rookie QBs? playing for Miami or Cincinnati? For your 3rd round pick i doubt any decent RB would be left.

Yeah I’d probably go Clemson’s RB or Georgia’s with the first pick depending on what team gets them.

That being said, I’m nervous about both points you bring up. Montgomery is probably decent in the long run, but Harry hasn’t played lol.

But would you consider that offer?

I figured I’d ask advice or an opinion. Also I’ll probably have the 1.02 with my pick.

Thank you for the feedback cobrachevelle

I would try to get a better player at least… Cook has the chance to be the best Rb for the next 3 to 5 years…


I would want more for Dalvin Cook in Dynasty.

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Absolutley agree. Dynasty is a diferent animal. There is a certain amount of risk around young players and draft picks that you may want to minmize exposure to when delaing with a known and proven commodity like Cook.

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