Rebuilding an Orphan

Hi all,

Took over a “freshly drafted” team that was orphaned shortly after the draft (probably because they drafted so terribly).

I’ve already conceded that i shouldn’t bother trying to compete this year and instead build for future years.

Team: Superflex PPR

QB: Murray, Hurts
RB: Hunt, Harris, Penny, Edwards, Pollard, Mattinson, Snell, Mcfarland
WR: Julio Jones, Cooper, Lockette, Lamb, Hilton, Robinson, Bourne, Kirk, MVS, Lazard, Callaway
TE:: Waller, Goedert, Herndon
Taxi: Mac Jones, Etienne, Granson, Eskridge, Fitzpatrick

Obviously i have next to no RB’s or QB’s (in a superflex no less!) and my strength is TE and WR.

Was offered Brandin Cooks, a 1st and 3rd in 2022 for Amari Cooper. My gut says absolutely, but i’m worried that the little value Cooks has is going to completely crash If/When Watson leaves. But for rebuilding i need all the depth i can get.

I also want to flip Julio into something or draft picks but i might have to wait until the season starts to see if he balls out in TN to get his value up.


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I’d take that deal for Cooper, but I’m not a Cooper guy. I’d kick in my 2022 3rd to see if you could bump his to a 2022 2nd.

Your team has some bones to build around though. The problem is half measures only get you middle of the pack. No one wants to be 5-9 in the draft. It’s fail hard and draft from a great position or know you’ve actually got a contender and you are cashing at the 10 or better draft spot.

While I’m not a Murray fan, he’s fine to build around. Hurts might turn it around and be a steal. Mac I’m pretty bullish on at value. Hunt and Gus Bus will be solid pieces. ETN and Harris have so much potential to score points but ATM it’s yet to be seen. Your WR room is solid, but if you can move Julio / Hilton to true contenders for draft picks I’d do that. Try to go after their 2023 picks though, not 2022. You might get a 2nd thrown in and after a second season they won’t be helping their squad much. The 2022 you’d get back will almost certainly be late which does you very little in a very top heavy class. TE is solid as well, especially if Granson hits.

All not named / referenced pieces I’d move and potentially even named pieces. If you want to build and have some luck this season I’d hold Murray / Jones / Lamb / Goedert / ETN. That’s a solid core to built around. Everyone else I’d be willing to move at a beneficial price. Do not read that as only a trade you’ve won but any trade that helps you get your goal. IE: I’d take worse players back with better picks or a trade with many undervalued potentials for aging vets. Just pick and choose.

In the end, the team’s not horrible, but you’re likely looking 6-8th unless you get some serious RB boom. It’s tempting to run it out but I do not know your league rosters. IF you do do not make the trade. But then your squad ages more and you are stuck with unmovable assets (Julio / Hilton) who could get you something in-season from teams thinking they are contenders.

If you are in a committed rebuild mindset, IMHO I’d go all in on 2023 1sts / 2nds. I’d gobble up as many of those as you can, just know this year and next you’ll be a train wreck. I’ve a team in that situation. I do not think it’ll be fun, but I’m stilling on 7 2023 1st and 2 2023 2nds and still acquiring. In this case I’d burn it down to a few core assets (Murray / Jones / Lamb) and only hold your own 2022 1st. All other 2022 picks are traded, any you have or acquire. Then you can use your 2022 1st (likely early) to grab a single key asset or trade it to move back, gather more picks and continue shifting those to 2023 bullets. 2024 is also looking interesting, but that’s so far out it might suck the life out of you.

I’m not sure any of this helps, but those are my thoughts. TL;DR - run it out and hope the squad hits. Soft rebuild to stay competitive but not winning (potentially). Burn it down hard and try to crush 2023.

  • Craig Coffman
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Honestly I would not count on Watson being in texas