Rebuilding Dynasty Team

In a superflex dynasty and currently have the 1.10, 2.02, 2.03, 2.06, 2.08, and 2.09. Should I try to package some of the picks to move up, or should I keep the 6 picks. I would have 6 players I would would be fine cutting to make room as well.

Personally I’d probably try to get another pick in the first round. You’ve got plenty to work with picks wise, so I’d probably try to sell off one or more of those 6 players, but totally up to you.

This draft class is deep normally I would agree with the idea of moving up for easier targets but if you need help at QBs/wr/rb you could fix multiple positions even in the second round

How many teams?

10 teams in the league

I would try to get pick 6 and take akers, assuming the combined works out. I don’t think there is a sure thing at WR, but a lot of high potential. I would go for volume at WR.

Depends on your team composition and team roster sizes. If you need the depth(which it sounds like you do if you have 6 guys you can easily drop), keep the picks and just draft the best player available.

If you can flip 2 2nd rounders for another 1st then I would do that. But other than that it really just depends on your team’s needs. If you need a top tier RB going into this season then I would say yes definitely trade up to get one of the top guys. Otherwise, it can’t hurt to have a bunch of 1st and 2nd rounders to get a solid young core going for your team

As my team is right now, here are my players at each position
QB - Allen, Winston, Cousins, Stidham, Hill, Taylor
RB - Drake, Carson, Mack, J Williams(GB), Edwards, Armstead, Peterson, Ballage, McKinnon, R Freeman
WR - Evans, Samuel, Cooks, Hardman, Beasley, Perriman, Harmon, P Williams(MIA), Conley, Pascal
TE - Hooper, Higbee