Rebuilding in a Keeper. Putting McCaffrey & D. Adams on the block

This is the last year I have McCaffrey & Adams as keepers, and I want to capitalize on them while they’re still holding value. Anyone I trade with will be able to keep them for another 3 years. Had McCaffrey last year but lost him to injury, and this year Gus Edwards was my number 2 running back. I know injury can happen to anyone but I value reliability above almost everything else.

This would be my first rebuild and I want to make sure that I’m not making any rookie mistakes.

Since McCaffrey & Adams are both #1 positions, so what’s the best way to find value? Straight trades plus a pic for next year? 2 for 1 trades?

Something to consider: Next year will be the fourth year in a league that has 3-year keepers. Lots of people are going to have to drop players they don’t want to: Mahomes, Cook, Zeke, Hopkins, Kamara, Hill, etc. Many of them will be available in the first round we pick (round 4). So early round picks get CRAZY valuable for next year.

I’m sending out the announcement email in a little bit.

Here’s my roster:

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For example: Do I trade CmC away for Mixon + a pick or is that too much? I’m guessing people will be skittish over the injury.

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So I understand how your league works, if you have to get rid of CMC next year due to the 3 year rule, if you were to trade him to me does that start my 3 year rule or do I “inherit” the end of your contract? I’ve played in both types of leagues. I’m guessing it starts my 3 years.

Correct. The new owner begins a new cycle of 3 years.

I have someone offering me Ezekiel Elliott right now for him. Thinking maybe I should get something in addition, but I’m not sure what.

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I’d get something else with Zeke. This injury to CMC seems like it might be minor (he should be back) and I’m not sure Zeke carries the load like he did. I’m not sure how your picks work, but Zeke and an early pick I do not hate. Especially if basically the whole league is coming up for draft. Just make sure you have a good sense of how many players will actually be available. IE: if your league is active on trading, it’s likely many player’s contracts have already reset.

I like Adams as well, but who knows what that future will be. If you can get out of him now for another player and reset your clock I think that’s the smart move. Fortunately with this being 3 year cap you do not have to worry about youth as much. You could look at something like a Godwin plus. I like the idea of cashing in on him while you can.

I get you could draft them again next year if they fell to you, but it makes sense to move him now while you can get known values. I’d rather be a bit ahead with known assets. This all makes even more sense if you are not feeling like you are a true contender this year. Move the pieces for upside players and add in picks for some insulation. Given what you said about pick values, I’d even consider a lower tier player (but still valuable) plus a higher pick.

Who knows, if you are giving a stud and asking for a 2/3 level player and a high pick they might not care because they have their new stud so the pick isn’t as important. Here are some players that I’d consider for a “lesser” piece with solid team building. Depending on who you move depends on the pick(s) you might get back.

M Andrews

Age Discount Angle

Injury Discount Angle

I think all of those players are valued less than the pieces you are looking to move, but I’d be really happy having them on my team. I mean, I know he’s older but something like Adams + 4th + 6th (no idea how many rounds you draft) for Lockett + 2nd + 3rd I’d feel okay with assuming the available pool supports enough studs (regardless of position) through the 3rd round. You’d get a WR3 and 2 picks in the 2nd & 3rd to further bolster your squad.

As mentioned a few times through this, definitely check to make sure you know how deep the pool will be for picks. Also, remember other teams might trade so I’d be sure it’s a good round or two deeper than the picks you’re after.

As a tactic, when trading do cross position. It’s harder to evaluate. Offer CMC for a WR / TE so they cannot just look at who’s ranked where and “know” if the deal is good. Obviously with CMC pretty much everyone at every position is lower, but I think you get the idea. It’s not bad to do position for position, and it might make adding in picks easier, but I try to cross it up when I can.

Lastly, maybe do not worry so much about the 1st round. Sounds like you will have numerous players still available in rounds 2/3 and those picks will be much less guarded. I’d look through all your leaguemate’s squads to see how many will be out there. You might do well to load up on picks in that range if the available pool looks deep.

I hope any of this helps, and I understand it is pretty general.

  • Craig Coffman
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This might be the most thorough answer I’ve ever seen in this forum.

I’m definitely going to make an offer, but I got to figure out if a pick will be enough. If I get zeke, it doesn’t really make me better this year. It just gives me somebody right now while CMC is out due to injury. I want to improve so I can win.

EDIT: Though I did say I was rebuilding, so I guess looking to stock picks is wise, I just can’t bring my self to throw in the towel. I’m #3 in total points but I’m nervious about losing all the value I have when the keepers go back into the draft.

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I can understand that. I think adding Zeke plus a little something could help this year, but I think you’re right in that moving CMC in the trade is sort of a zero sum gain. But it shouldn’t sink you, so in a way if you are staying about equal but also gaining something in the future it could be a best of both worlds: stay competitive now while building for the future.

My biggest concern with Zeke is I think we are seeing that they want to back him off the usage. I’m not saying I think he’s dust, but I do think they are seeing Pollard as viable so why not give Zeke more breathers. If that manifests in Pollard taking even 35-40% on the regular this year it might be enough of a hit that the value leaks out of Zeke moving through this year. So while he ought to keep you floating for now, he might not be as big a piece over the remaining 2 years of your contract.

Don’t hear that as me saying Zeke is bad, just my concerns as the 22 / 23 seasons roll around. I thought of Swift as a potential as well. I think he’s on the upward but is still met with mixed emotions. I think you might be able to get him plus a nice piece for CMC.

Finally, as someone who loves to tear teams apart to rebuild I strongly suggest going for the championship when you see the chance. I noodle around a bit too much and have many teams salivating for 2023…2 full seasons from now! And even that is based on hope so they might suck for years. While I am not doing well for my seasonal record, even with a plan in mind it’s tough sitting here not doing well. Multiple teams dragging for multiple years I’m not sure I’ll do again. I think it’ll be fun once 2023 hits, but this phase of long game (I’m mostly dynasty rosters) betting…well I’d rather be pushing for that number 1 spot.

If you think you can get there, I’d wait until week 5/6 and see what you think of your squad. Anything can happen, but I do not see those pieces bottoming out in the next 3 games. They might actually gain value, especially if CMC is not in any injury protocal. The only advantage you might lose is pick position. At that point of the season you might be seeing more contenders willing to give up picks (later in the draft) while the outsiders might value their earlier picks. In the end you are still getting valuable picks early in the draft which is always good, so maybe it doesn’t really matter?

Ultimately I think you are on the right path. IMHO if you are not 1st / 2nd you might as well be 12th. Be willing to move assets at some point this season (once you think you are out of it) before you just lose them and try to gain support / foundation pieces and roll in picks to bolster that roster. The timing really comes down to how you feel about your team. Get that championship if you think it’s in reach, but blow up what you can if not and get ahead of others for your rebuild.

  • Craig Coffman