Rebuilding team question

Full PPR dynasty

Should I do this deal?

I receive

  • D’Andre Swift

They receive

  • Raheem Mostert
  • John Brown
  • 2021 1st round pick (projected to be a later pick)
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That’s a pretty big price for Swift, I wouldn’t pay that much for him.

I’d deal the late first and Mostert or Brown.

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For a rebuild, I’d make that gamble.


No. Swift is not worth that. If you really believe in him, do it, but the tape shows me an average running back.

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remove at least 1 from all 3 and that may be a good deal

Swift has a highly rated draft profile. Is the RB2 of the draft class. He was productive in college in a highly rated division (SEC). Not sure where the hate comes from? He has every bit of chance to be one of the best backs in this draft class and costs a fraction. So I guess I should just shut up and take the discount.

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That’s a bit much for me TBH but not horrible. It would not keep me off the deal for the price. However, I’m not sure I’d target Swift. I think Swift has the chops but I am hesitant on DET using him well. Johnson is no slouch and he was never given the full run. Could have been injury, granted, but it also could be lifting the NEP school of thought for RBBC.

As someone noted, pull one asset out and it’s a smashing deal but not sure you get him for that. Maybe Mostert and the 1st gets it done?

For me, though, in rebuild I am not looking for RB. They have a shorter career in general. I always load up WR, then move on RB. If you are rebuild you have an RB now who in 2 years once you are getting ready is nearing potential end of his star gig. Just looking at upcoming talent. WR on the other hand are just rounding into form and you can plug in RB at that point. For me, the strategy is why I would not more than price.

I’d instead look for WR that can help long term but not necessarily crush it this year. That way I get a good building block and potentially retain a better pick for myself in the following year. Adding talent that way is much cheaper and you can get great value during your rebuild. Any of the early 2nd WR from this class are candidates: Mims / Pittman / Higgins would be grand. IF you want to spend less and take a bit more risk, target Shenault for Mostert. You might even get something else thrown in. 2021 is a super deep class. Those 3rds will matter.

Not to tell you (or anyone) how to run their team, but that is how I see this trade if you are really on the rebuild track. Just my two cents, but I hope they help!

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As a rebuilding team, you should keep your firsts. I would say Brown and Mostert is a pretty fair deal. Detroit hasn’t had a top 12 rusher in quite some time. I think you have good leverage if they want to win now. If you include a pick, try floating a later pick their way to entice them but paying top dollar for a first round pick isn’t the best idea if you are trying to rebuild. Especially someone like Swift who is in a highly suspect backfield. I think he’s a good player in a bad situation. I think Mostert will be fine and you can get more for him closer to the season or in season. I think you hold out a little longer.