Receive AB & Hyde for Kamara & Davis?

This one has me torn gang. I was offered Tony Brown & Carlos Hyde for Alvin Kamara & Corey Davis. On the surface it seems okay, but I’m loaded with WR talent. My second best RB is Alex Collins. Am I crazy for passing?
0.5 point PPR

If you have decent WR talent, then you’re just restructuring your team, at best. At worst, Carlos Hyde loses the starting job to Chubb somehow, and you’re grabbing a RB off of waivers, all the while Kamara is skipping towards 300 pts on another team… DON’T DO IT. PLEASE?

My thoughts exactly. Here’s my squad. Be much more likely to take it if i didn’t have to give up Davis

I’m with Chris Henry. As tempting as it is to try and get AB, your team is solid enough without him. Losing Kamara and replacing with Hyde is a asking for 150 less fantasy points this year (IMO) and AB wont get you that back.

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