Receive CMC for 3 Players?!

Was offered CMC for Chubb, Mack, and Golladay. My roster below. Giving away too much for CMC? .5 PPR

I personally might try to give away Ekeler instead of Mack of Chubb, just because once Gordon comes back Ekeler probably isn’t their lead RB anymore. I know he has been so good early, but I think late in the season Mack and Chubb will be more valuable. Otherwise I would take that deal quick because your depth looks pretty solid. You honestly might be able to sell just Ekeler and Golladay, and sell that Ekeler is a top 5 RB right now. I wouldn’t do it if I was the other guy, but never know. If you have to do 3 I’d go Ekeler, Mack, and Golladay