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Receive: J. Nelson, C. McCaffery, J. Maclin FOR L. McCoy, K. Allen


This is my current team:
K. Hunt
M. Lynch
L. McCoy
A. Robinson
K. Allen
D. Parker
T. Ginn
D. Martin
Z. Ertz
J. Doyle
K. Stills
S. Perine



I like that trade, IF its PPR, otherwise I still like it but not nearly as much.


.5 PPR
I like it a lot too
Thanks, I am just nervous about letting shady go…


You can hopefully replace McCoy once Martin is back, like a 1 for 1 replacement. But i really like the trade.


He is also saying he would do Shady, for just Jordy and Maclin.

Id get to keep Keenan, but id be very very thin on RB’s, till Doug came back…