Receive K.Allen & Baldwin for my Martin & Parker. Opinions footclan?


So I’m struggling at WR badly and have been offered this trade: I get K.Allen & Baldwin for D.Martin and Parker

It’s a 12 team standard league with 2 flex positions
My RB’s - Hunt, Bell, Ty Monty, A.Jones, Buck Allen, D.Lewis and Martin
WR’s - M.Thomas, M.Jones, M.Goodwin, A.Humphries and Parker

I’m really tempted to take it as gives me a safe WR in allen which is what Martin would give and then Baldwin can explode later in season with a high ceiling

I have sent out feelers for the like of Julio and Aj Green but would require losing Martin, Parker and Allen or A.Jones at minimum from what the owners want.

This comes on the back of the clan recommending I keep Monty so I appreciate any thoughts


I would definitely take that trade. I think that trade puts you in good shape. Also, at the very least Baldwin could give you good trade bait if he really blows up one week, then sell him high for someone more consistent. You’ve got a good team, the trade will make you a major threat. I’d do it in a heartbeat!

Good luck mate! Skol (cheers in old norse)! :grin:

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Thanks. I thought it was a good offer too. Was talking myself into getting rid of Monty and jones but packers upside made me keep.

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And I’ve accepted it! Allen is straight in my line up and Baldwin will be selectable with match ups rest of season. Gutted to lose Martin but what it does for my team is great and gives me the depth at wr I’ve not had since the draft

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