Receive tate for Watson? before kick off?

he probably won’t do well against Pitt but…

Yes I would do it. Anytime you can get a top positional player for a QB I do it. Even if Tate doesn’t play this week, it’s still worth it. He’s a top 12 PPR WR

I got offered McKinnon too

which one?

I have dak, mccoy, hunt, keenan, DT, Martin, Ertz
bench: miller, Parker, doctson, ju ju, Pryor, perine, Olsen, watson.

I think both are fine deals. I prefer to have RB depth, but I think Tate will score more points than McKinnon ROS

he’s asking for ju ju on top of watson now that he’s playing well. stick with tate then?

Yea I would still do it. Ju Ju is nice depth, but you’ll never play him unless you’re desperate