Received Dynasty offer

My dynasty is a 1QB, half-PPR league.

I was offered Prescott/Diggs for Hurts/Deebo. Now I definitrly love the upgrade from Hurts. My issue is moving on from Deebo, I am not expecting him to have the same season next year, but he does get utilized in the offense more diverse than Diggs.

Thoughts footclan?

My team:

QB: Hurts
RB: Mixon
RB: Akers
WR: Deebo
WR: Lamb
TE: Knox/Schultz
Flex: AJ Brown
Flex: Gibson
K: McPherson
D: Cowboys/Cardinals

Bench: Watson, Lance, Pollard, Dillion, Pittman, McLaurin, DJ Moore

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That’s tough. Seems like in 1QB it’s probably better to stick with Hurts and hope Deebo repeats. I am not sure he does, but it feels like his usage could make him a massive boom on weeks. Hurts rushing upside is pretty valuable, and while you might be needing a QB next season if PHI moves on (so many conflicting rumors) they are not too hard to find in single QB.

Also, you could always see how your season is going and if it’s not panning out ship Hurts (assuming he still is doing well) then to get a QB. Then again, if/when Watson comes back you’re golden so it might be a null issue. Not to mention if Deebo doesn’t slow down, you are also sitting on his QB for a nice stack there.

FWIW I’d be moving one of those guys as soon as Watson hits a team or we know Lance is the starter. I do not think you need 3QBs at that caliber in a 1QB league and they might pull some value in trades.

One move I would consider is moving Akers. You’ll be just fine with Mixon / Gibson but you can cash in on the hype. Maybe land a Josh Jacobs plus picks? Jacobs is seen as the step down but adding picks would make it a win for you IMHO. Or package him with one of the QB discussed above and jump up to maybe Ekeler or Swift / Najee if you can find a team in need?

Just my thoughts!

Also in half PPR you might be able to land Chubb or Henry. Those guys are great in a league with out full PPR.

You make great points.

I did have Hurts/Tannehill for my QBs to start. Dropped Tannehill and ended up picking up Lance (someone dropped him) and traded a 2022 3rd rounder for Watson. I am hoping Watson plays this year or Lance is a better version of Hurts.

Henry isnt for sale (owner told me no dice) and I literally traded Chubb for Gibson/Akers/2022 2nd round pick.

I think I am leaning towards just staying for now.

Thank you for your thoughts.

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Well, I was just offered Herbert/Higgins for Hurts/Deebo.

My brain says smash the accept, but for some reason I havent accepted yet. Am I cray?