Received two trade offers for Tyreek Hill, any thoughts?

Half PPR
Offer1: Allen Robinson, Jordan Howard, Adrian Peterson
Offer 2: Stefon Diggs, Dion Lewis, Austin Ekeler

My current squad is as follows

WRs: Antonio Brown, Hill, Woods, Cole, Allison, Callaway
RBs: Mixon, Breida, Yeldon, Crowell (gonna drop him for one of these trades or my waiver pickups).

  • I have an empty roster spot from dropping Jalen Richard this morning, so I’d only need to cut crow to make this happen.

Before receiving these offers I was tinkering with the idea of offering Hill for McCaffrey to a team that badly needs WRs as I badly need RBs

Any advice on this? I think I like 2 better than 1.
Lewis is emerging, and I don’t want to be so heavily invested in the bears offense.

I’d rather have the Diggs side of this trade. Both offers are good but I’d prefer offer 2

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After some soul searching I decided on the Bears/AP. Howard poses to provide a bigger boost to my team than Lewis, and I’m loving the combo of Him with Mixon. Diggs is definitely better than Allen Robinson, but I think their gap is smaller than that of Howard vs. Lewis.

Oh my god

Oh my god oh my god I am a failure.

There was a nother piece to the trade I didn’t see because it didn’t all show on my phone. IT wasnt just Tyreek, it was Mixon too. FFFFFFFFFF. Ugh i just blew up my team by accident. :expressionless::tired_face:

Oh man, sorry bro. Maybe ask for a trade back? Hopefully it’s not a soulless stranger on the other side of this…

At least even if somehow you can’t get out of it, it could easily end up being the best trade you make all season if the Bears keep it up and AP doesn’t break down. I don’t think that is any sort of impossibility whatsoever.

It’s a footclan league so maaaaybe but the onus is all mine. Live and learn I guess.