Receiver Help

PPR League, Play 2 wide receivers per week

My Wr are , Dez, Ju Ju , Amari Cooper, Sammy

Do I sit tight with what I got or pair 2 of those guys up and go after a higher end guy? If thats the case who do you even target at this point?

RBS are Bell,Ingram,Shady

Yeah I’d look for a good trade maybe with Juju and Cooper. Probably can’t get huge name players like AJ Green or AB, maybe look a teir down for like Golden Tate, diggs, etc. Could maybe swap out the Crabtree owner with Cooper and Juju if they are low on WRs. May want to wait ti’ll after this week though if you’re going to trade out cooper. He’s got a good match up that could give him better value.