Receiver Issues

I have Crabtree and Jordy. Obviously, with Rodgers out I can’t rely on Jordy. For ROS, do you prefer Tate, Doctson, Stills, or Shepard? Davante Parker is out there as well

I think Tate will be out this week and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s out one more week. Otherwise he’d be my choice from that group. Parker would be my next choice, but he’s also hurt for now. I like Doctson, but he’s still uncertain and Cousins spreads the ball around to so many that if it’s PPR he may not get many targets. I think Shepard would be better than either Doctson or Stills. Shepard has his bye next week so taking all that into consideration, I still like Tate and Parker because they are both past their bye and hopefully will be healthy soon.