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Receiver quandary


Have Evans, Fitz, Crabtree, and Garçon. Need two in PPR league. Thanks!


I would probably start Evans but the other three are tough. I’m not confident in Carr being 100%, otherwise I would go Crabtree against the Chargers. Fitz and Garcon are pretty close, especially with Norman out.


I’m not saying don’t start Evans, but temper your expectations cuz he’ll have Patrick Peterson on him all day. I’d start Fitz, Evans and Crabtree. I’m a Garcon owner and thought without Norman he might go off, but Washington’s defense is much improved and the Niners are on the road with the Skins coming off their bye.


Thanks all. It’s a superflex league and my Qb2 is Stafford who is currently in the Flex. Maybe pull him since he’s hurting and put in Crabtree? Keep Evans and Fitz as the WR? Or play daring owner and bench Evans for the week?


Peterson is the real deal but I don’t think I have the nards to bench Evans. That said, the smart play is Fitz and Crabtree.