Recent Draft

Full PPR- Pick #12- 1QB, 2RB, 2WR,1WR/TE, 1DFST, 1K. How did I do?
K-Lamar Jackson
K-Chris Godwin
3-Julio Jones
4-Tyreek Hill
5-Raheem Mostert
6-Rob Gronkowski
7-Nyheim Hines
8-Jordan Howard
9-Sterling Shepard
10- John Ross III
11- Jerry Juedy
12-Justin Tucker
13-Allen Lazard
14-Ryan Tannehill
15-KeShawn Vaugh

Um… a C? If going 0 RB, need to load up on a few more upside pass catching backs later, and in this format with having 1 W/T spot and no actual designated TE spot, Gronk probably shouldn’t have been drafted. Considering a max of 3 WR’s can be played each week and Godwin, Julio, and Hill were already there through 4 rounds, I think a little more focus on the RB position would’ve been a little better, even if in the 6th you grabbed 1 more RB instead of Gronk. But that’s just my opinion.