Recieve Saquon for AB and bears defense?

That seems like a steal to me. Other RBS are KG Adam’s woods Watkins and Jeffrey. Is this worth it he needs a WR. He wants DJ and Adam’s earlier but I think this would be a better trade but idk

Do it. Bears D has a horrible schedule past this weekend. Barkley is the #2 RB. AB is the #9 WR.

I have DJ Mixon mack Carson and AP and Aaron Jones. WRs are Jeffery woods Adam’s Watkins and golladay

Wait like Adams as in devonta Adams at wr? Then yes hurry before he realizes!

Yes devante. He asked for Adam’s and david Johnson before.

One of our guys is 0-8 with no RBs but he has Hopkins and OBJ was thinking about offering some RBs for one of those two WRs

I accepted it btw but it doesn’t go through until the 5th so I also get points from them this week while barkley’s on bye so that’s pretty awesome just hope it doesn’t get vetoed

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Do it immediately. Capitalize.

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Just praying it doesn’t get vetoed.

The guy also has Gurley chubb Ingram and Michel so hes got decent backs but his starting WRs are Allen funchess and Baldwin so he definitely needs some WR help