Recommended League Host Site

Hello Footclan! Looking to start up a Dynasty league this coming off-season and wanted to get any recommendations on League Host Sites.
Currently looking at ESPN & Fleaflicker but if there are other good options I’d like to know everyone’s experience!

Thank you and congrats to all of the #footclantitle winners!!

I would go fleaflicker or Yahoo, both are free and allow draft picks to be traded. Fleaflicker is said to be active year round where Yahoo shuts down in the off-season so you would have to track trades and rosters by hand.

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I have been happy with fleaflicker and they are continually improving their site. Dynasty leagues can get very complicated and many unique situations come up and so far fleaflicker has been able to handle all of my problems. They also have a great staff that answers any questions you have within a couple days via the support forum. If you are looking for a more in depth dynasty league with salary caps or very unique rules then you’ll want There is a fee for this site though.

In my opinion, MFL is the only option. That’s assuming your collecting league fees. MFL works out to less then $6 per person per year. If you are not already collecting league fees then you should probably use a free site.

The league host site probably impacts the Commish the most. In almost all cases they do it for free (for the fun of it) and anything you can do to make his or her life easier, I say do it! The Commish has a life and a family too. To force them to maintain an offsite doc or spend hours calculating standings/playoffs/draft order/etc because of 6 bucks seems silly to me.

The best part is that not only is it easier to run a Dynasty League with MFL, it’s typically more fun. The volume of options that it allows your league to implement, the volume of resources that it affords each franchise owner, and the evolution of your league from one year to the next are significant.

Imagine you are in the fifth year of your favorite Dynasty league. You see that another franchise has Breshad Perriman and you want to take a shot on him. ‘Buy Low’ as the cool kids say. Do you want to know who owned him last? Who owned him before that? What year and round was he drafted in your league?..No problem.

For me, that is just the tip of the iceberg of features that make MFL worth it and for me necessary. I would never play a league anywhere else.