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Hey there,
I am looking at starting a dynasty league and looking the best platform for this? Any help would be great.

I just read an introductory article on dynasty leagues from the Footballers main website. Here’s a relevant paragraph from that article:

There are various platforms that support dynasty leagues. From experience, I can confidently express that MyFantasyLeague is the market leader, as the site specializes in providing a wide array of customizable options and seamlessly incorporates rookie draft picks with no hassle. There is an annual charge to use the website’s services, but it is worth the investment for those serious about building a competitive league. ESPN is also a user-friendly platform to utilize, and is free of charge.

Hope that helps. I’m hoping to join an existing dynasty league rather than start one, but I’m reading up on it a bit first.


I’ve been in leagues that use MFL and I did not like the interface at all. Admittedly, it was 3 or 4 years ago, but the interface was clunky and it seemed you had to navigate around way too much to see the player information that you are looking for, if that makes any sense. I’m in two leagues that use FleaFlicker and It’s pretty good. There are a lot of settings built in for dynasty leagues and it’s pretty customizable. I believe that it’s a free platform as well, but don’t quote me on that. There is also a app for mobile devices that works well enough.

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Sleeper. Sleeper. Sleeper.

Also because it started as a news app, I always get news of injuries/signings hours before my Espn/Yahoo league mates.

MFL if your league mostly uses desktop.
Fantrax if you need mobile friendly and have salaries or contracts
Sleeper if it’s non salaries and contacts and want mobile friendly.

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I haven’t actually used any for dynasty, but am looking to start a league this year with my friends and have put in a lot of time researching different platforms. I agree with Sleeper in almost all situations. It is incredibly user friendly. It offers a decent amount of user customization, allows draft pick trading, and their customer support is quick and helpful. Fleaflicker also offers many of the same things and would be a close second. Slightly more user friendly, and the fact that it is also a fantastic news app is why I lean Sleeper. For all the people saying MFL, yes it offers the most customization, and is the most advanced. So if you want really unique rules or setting or capabilities that is the way to go. But you are going to have to pay for it as a heads up, and it is not nearly as user the friendly. The mobile capabilities are awful.

It fully depends on how you are going to run your league. MFL is literally the only service that works for my leagues, but it is highly customized.

As some point out, the mobile apps are not great with MFL, but i also dont know what others are like so i cant compare.

IMO A huge part of the decision on platform is setup, administration and management by the commissioner.

I’ve used sleeper for one year in a redraft league. I have not used it for dynasty. Can anyone tell me is there are any differences?

Can you do the following in the Sleeper App for dynasty:

  1. See trades from the previous year?
  2. Identify what draft picks you or others have?
  3. See previous draft result and transaction history per player?
  4. See status of player in multiple leagues?
  5. Set time limit for trade offers?
  6. Configure standings tie breakers?
  7. Allow for off-season and in-season waiver budgets?

From the talks I have had with Sleep tech support here is what I know. You set the league up as a rolling dynasty league so you should be able to see past activity just fine (Q1, Q3). They do support draft pick trading and will track it for you. For example, if you have multiple first round picks it will make sure to clarify which pick you are trading away/obtaining etc. (Q2). Not completely sure what you mean by Q4, but they have a new feature where you can see all different owners of sleeper leagues that own a certain player and can even chat with them about that player (haven’t used this for full disclosure). For Q6 you can configure quite a few different settings including tie breakers. For Q7, they don’t technically have off season waiver budgets at this time, but after the season is over you can just reset everyone’s budget at whatever amount, which is basically the same. Then just reset again before regular season. I am not certain if you can set trade expiration or not, I would suggest reaching out to the sleeper app help center chat. Quick and easy.

Sleeper is literally updating everyday. Every time I ask for something, they say they are adding it. Look for it to be the top, if not close app before next year even starts. The only thing I hate is they do not have a 20 player keeper option, but they said I can make my league dynasty and then just cut my roster size down to 20 at the end of the season and it will tell my teams to reduce. I’m super stoked for it. I’m excited to see how the next draft goes when we are just drafting rookies and dropped players from this coming year. (First year league and first sleeper league this coming year so draft will be huge)

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Thanks for all the replies. Looks like based on all this I’ll be going for sleeper over MFL. The biggest difference for me is it being mobile friendly. As most of my league is in Australia the Sunday games are on Monday morning, so most checking player statuses and scores is done while at work.
Thanks for the help!

good luck with your league, nice to hear that we got fans down under.

SLEEPER! There is a reason that the footballers contstantly talk about the sleeper platform.
It’s the best! Constantly updating, the mobile app is smooth, gives you multiple custom options, especially for dynasty. I just started a dynasty league and all my league mates love sleeper!

but it doesnt work for everyone. MFL is truly the only site that i can run my leagues with. But most people dont run leagues like i do so i cannot comment on other apps.

Even running leagues I think is easier on Sleeper. It is so much more user friendly. The only thing that MFL has as an advantage in my mind is how customization it is. There are league types with unique rules that simply can’t be run on any other site but MFL which is keeping them alive. They need to update before other sites catch up with customization options or they will be in trouble.

which is why i have to run my leagues there. you are correct. they need to do better in development. They need multi team trades, The ability to have 2x players in the same player pool, but with different salaries/contract years. This is the thing i desire most as i run 32 team leagues that mimic the nfl but we cant have afc/nfc trades because we cant have gurley with a $50 salary on one team and a $48 salary on another. And as mentioned by many, their mobile is way behind the times.

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I hate to be an alarmist, but I’m slightly confused by Sleeper. What is their revenue model?

They are free to use and free from advertisements. So how do they make money?

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according to their website:

How will Sleeper make money?

We will be making money via casual sports betting, pro leagues, and our API integration platform.

But youre right, i saw that and was like how in the hell are they going to stay in business. Still im a little skeptical.

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Where did you find that on their page? Can you post the URL?