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Recruiting replacements for 2018 ppr dynasty leagues


I’ve got two dynasty leagues that are concluding its first year. I’ve a total of 7 teams and am looking for replacements.

We use myfantasyleague.com to play and dues are collected by leaguesafe.

Buy in is $50 for one year. And to trade the next year’s picks requires a half-year ($25) deposit nonrefundable.

If interested, please only email me at ffchamporbust@gmail.com. I’m currently working on a master’s project and I’m going to forget to check the forums. Thanks and hope to hear from potential new managers.


So we cant make trades? Anymore info? Dont understand ?



I highly suggest to you that you require a full year entry fee non-refundable for trading future picks.

I have been running dynasty leagues since 2009 and just based on experience, an owner could trade all his picks a way and also leave his team in a bad state that would make it nearly impossible to fill.

It is VERY hard to convince a new potential owner to take over a bad team when it doesnt have any picks.


just checking in to see if the leagues are filled up. i haven’t heard back for a few days


Still looking


Three teams still available


can u send me more info please?


I’m interested. Can you send info? corykelley@mac.com


Hey I would be interested in joining. Can you email me the info




Another orphan team available


Hey I would be interested who is in the team can you email it to me? adammartin704@hotmail.com


Still got one team. One more orphan.


Hey all. I filled my orphans, but I’ve got a startup MFL dynasty that’s recruiting. I’m still working on the bylaws, but the basics are 12-team 25 roster 3 IR 3 taxi no kicker no defense. ppr . 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 2 flex. Email me at ffchamporbust@gmail.com if interested.