Redraft 1/2 PPR - Jerry Jeudy or Brandon Cooks?

Jerry Jeudy and Brandon Cooks are right on top of each other on FantasyPros rankings. I’m leaning Brandon right now.

I think I’d lean Cooks. I don’t like the offense he’s on but he’s got nowhere near as much competition as Jeudy. Cooks when healthy is pretty much locked in upper tier WR2. Jeudy could take the next steps but unless they get an upgrade at qb I can’t see them being able to support Fant, Sutton, Jeudy etc.

What about Sutton, the Footballers have Brandin ranked one spot above him?

I think I’d still lean Cooks. But I think Sutton and Jeudy have a higher ceiling but a much lower floor too.

I think Houston will be bad like really bad. But some guys will be fantasy relevant and for me Cooks is criminally low.

I agree with @Mr_Wind-up_Bird.

Cooks has been no lower that WR16 (PPR)/WR15 (Standard) in 5 of his 7 years. That is also in addition to being on 4 different teams. He absolutely is being criminally undervalued.

However, depending on the starting QB, a case can be made for Jeudy (if Teddy is QB) or Sutton (if Lock is QB) for one of them to have a relatively safe floor with higher upside than Cooks will.

Just talking strickly ADP value, Cooks is the way to go.

Gonna say Jeudy here. I think he and Sutton are criminally undervalued. Lock can absolutely improve this year and if he doesn’t, Teddy has already shown he can support 3 receivers. The upside just is much higher for Jeudy imo.