Redraft 2 round value

Offered a predraft trade.

I get the 29th, 68th pick (3rd and 6th round)
I give up my 21st, 102nd (2nd and 9th round)

How can I sweetin’ the pot or stay away?

Honestly that sounds like a pretty solid trade man. What format is this? Dynasty/ Redraft/ Keeper/ Superflex etc.

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This is redraft, .5 ppr, 12 team

I already have picks 1.06, 2.07, 2.09, 3.04. I think if I move back to 3.05 I can get better value on a WR. A thielen or Fitz, possibly both. If not there are a few RB I could probably snag. Def aiming to take like Saquon and Mccinnon with my first two picks.

Lol at McKinnon. taking 2 unproven RBs as your core is probably a losing strategy but that’s your prerogative. He looked the worst out of the 3 backs even in pre-season.

Fine with the trade though, moving from 9th into 6th is pretty huge and 21st and 29th is a tier drop but sounds like you have someone els eyou prefer anyway.

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Who would you be targeting with my picks? I don’t want to mess this draft up.

Saquon’s fine. I’m just personally never taking McKinnon in the 2nd round or even in the 3rd. Too many other players I’d rather have.

I don’t know who I would take, i don’t really go into drafts deciding who I’ll take. I just see what falls to me and make decisions then. I just know that I won’t be taking McKinnon with any of the picks you listed.

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I agree with that. Let me re-word my question. Who would you be thrilled to see fall to you at 2.07, given you took a RB with the 1.06

Not sure what the value is in answering this question. Who would I love to see fall to me? someone from the 1st round obviously. Or short of that, than someone from the early 2nd. A freeman for example. Or a MT or Keenan Allen. AJ green. All good. But end of the day, just got to see who is around by that time.

players that go around that point that I’d take over McKinnon: CMC, Jordan Howard, AJ Green, Devonta Freeman, Gronk, Joe Mixon, Davante Adams. In no particular order